Review of Kanji Flashcards for learning Japanese

Back in 2009 I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 (which has since been reclassified to Level N4).  At this time I was taking courses at a language center that met once a week, the language classes were great practice for speaking, listening and, with the help of my Sensei, learning the nuances of Japanese grammar.  The most difficult part, in particular for those whose native language uses the Latin alphabet, is Kanji.

The most efficient way I found was to keep a set of flashcards with you at all times.  You can try and create some of your own, but there are some flashcard sets out there that are really superb

I bought these ones:

They were great! I bought several boxes in the series and I have to say they were the most helpful method of preparing for the exam I came across.  I kept these with me every day for the month leading up to the exam and spent every free minute flipping through them. In the end, it all paid off, I PASSED!!!!

If you want some online Kanji practice, check out this site:

Good luck with your preparation! Let me know how you do

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