Moon Photographer Raises Money for Japan Relief Efforts

A local photographer is holding an art sale to benefit victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami.

If you ask Rob Larson, every little bit counts.

The Moon-based photographer set out last week with a simple goal in mind: To raise some money for Japanese tsunami relief efforts through his artwork -- no amount raised would be too modest, he said.

As the death toll from Japan's earthquake and tsunami earlier this month stretched to more than 8,000, Larson began reaching out to friend and clients. He offered them a piece of his work in exchange for a donation to Japanese victims. So far, the Moon Area High School graduate has raised a couple hundred dollars in the sale.

"I've seen a lot of artists creating things to help Japan," said Larson, who works as an editorial and commercial photographer. "Maybe creating one-of-a-kind posters or whatever medium they work in. It's really cool."

Larson said 80 percent of the cost of each piece purchased will go to an aid organization of the donor's choice, including the American Red Cross and Global Giving. All of the donations are processed through PayPal.

"I know that with Japan it's not exactly the same thing as with Haiti, where they desperately need money," he said. "But it's so easy to forget about a thing like this when it falls out of the news."

Larson, whose portfolio ranges from portraits to surreal landscape photos, said he's never before used his art to raise money for a cause quite like the disaster in Japan. News of the devastation left after the earthquake and tsunami, however, prompted to him to get involved.

"Not to be crude, but it's sort of like dangling a carrot in front of people," Larson said. "They get a cool print and a piece of art and hopefully we can help the relief effort."

To donate or learn more, visit Larson's website.

By Jenna Staul | Email the author | March 21, 2011

Japanese Earthquake Relief

My prayers go out to all of those affected by the earthquake in Japan. It has been horrific to see all the devastation and loss of life this disaster has caused.

Below is a link to an article on the Huffington Post that will show what you can do to help, please send your aid to Japan in this time of need

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