Rice Paddy Crop Art in Japan (2009)

Art has no boundaries, naturally, no the indiscrimination of occupations and races as well. In Japan, the nation whose all citizens love animations, farmers also show their love for the animations in their own way.

The Aomori prefecture is located in the northernmost Japan, over 900 kilometers north to Tokyo. Enter Aomori prefecture and bump along the country road for a while, you will arrive at Inakadate, a small ancient village with a history of 2000 years in planting rice. Since 1993, the village has held a “Rice Paddy Crop Art” every year, which attracts tourists all over Japan or even all over the world to get a view of the huge rice paddy pictures.

To obtain the best visual effect, the farmers of Inakadate get busy as early as when they prepare to plant rice in every April. They design well the pictures that they want to demonstrate this year in advance, and then plant rice with different varieties and different colors of leaf in the rice paddies, thus to “paint” out different kinds of pictures in the rice paddies.

Here, we will share you the harvests of farmers this year: Napoleon, Sengoku-period warrior, Naoe Kanetsugu and Osen

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