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The bonsai is a perfect combination of art and science. It is a product of human ingenuity, practicality and creativity. As such, it is only natural for people to get captivated and mesmerized by these little bundles of joy... even after 200 years. If you're one of the bonsai plants fans, then you better read on to understand the principles of art which lies underneath its cute and colorful façade.

The art of bonsai growing originated and flourished in China about two hundred years ago. At first, this planting technique was merely done in order to make transportation of medical plants easier. However, the beauty and challenge the bonsai trees exuded captured the heart of many. It then began to reach another level of popularity. With this social evolution, the art claimed its title as one of the most popular and everlasting arts when it comes to plants.

As an art, there are certain schools of thoughts that the bonsai plant adheres to. The Japanese school of thought uses the bonsai as an expression of awe to the heavens and the earth. As such, you can often find these kinds of bonsai teeming with rich flowers and trees such as the juniper, flowering cherry, apricot and others. As a Japanese art, the main theme of the bonsai is "heaven and earth in a pot".

Its existence as a Chinese art is equally as meaningful. According to the Chinese school of thought, a bonsai plant is a statement that embodies the yin and the yang. This positive- negative kind of thought was formed due to Taoist philosophies most of the Chinese people believe in. Some of their common subjects are the maple and the Acacia. What set's apart Chinese bonsai is its supreme creativity, spanning from both plant shapes and size to the color and definition found on the pots they use.

Even with the existence of these two, you are still free to create bonsais just the way you want them. All that you need to be sure of is that you express yourself completely, and succeed in limiting the plants growth. You can merge both influences or simply be yourself as you grow the perfect combination of bonsai plants into little gardens of delight and joy.

The flourishing art of the bonsai has now conquered the whole world. From its humble beginnings in China and Japan, it has now become a statement of human power and creativity all over the world.

Try using the bonsai as a tool of expression ad art too. Who knows? You might just like it! Just read on a bonsai guidebook for a moment or two. After acquiring necessary knowledge, you will be able to express yourself through this amazing planting technique.
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